English Language Training (ELT)

Coordinator: Breda Boyle
Phone: 091567660

As part of our English Language Training programme (ELT) we provide basic English Classes for students who do not have English as a first language at levels A1, A2 and B1.

Intensive morning course: Tuesday, Wednesdayand andThursday 10-12 (6 hours)
Intensive afternoon course:  Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 2-4 (6 hours)

Other classes available:
Tuesday evenings 6-9 (3 hours per week)
Wednesday evenings 6-9 (3 hours per week)
Monday and Wednesday 2-4 (4 hours per week)
Monday and Friday 10-12 (4 hours per week)
Monday and Thursday 2-4 (4 hours per week)
Tuesday and Thursday 2-4 (4 hours per week)

We also provide English language classes in the ARD Centre in Doughiska, Thursday 2-4 but please register in Seville House, New Dock Street, Galway City Centre. Friday at 9am.

Here is an interview given by one of our students to NALA (the National Adult Literacy Agency), which appeared in issue 15 ofWriting Matters in May 2015.

ESOL Literacy

We run group classes
for any student who does not know the English alphabet, or who has difficulties in reading and writing English as well as speaking English. Register at 9.00am on Friday morning to be referred to these classes.

Registration time: Each Friday at 9am sharp at 2nd Floor, Seville House, New Dock St, Galway.

Please note:
Once you register, we will contact you by text or by phone to let you know about your class. Please note there is a waiting list. Also, don't forget to let us know if you change your phone number!

For further information, email us at breda.boyle@gretb.ie 

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