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New Resources

New Titles and Resources just in:

Brand new: Syllabification game, Snatch, lettters and words games, plus a complete set of 'This Life' readers with a Resource Pack. These readers are suitable for level 1 and level 2 students.

Laubach Way to Reading

We are very pleased to announce a new complete set of Laubach books are now available in the lower library. This includes a text book, a workbook and a puzzlebook for each of the four levels.

The titles below are available from Alison and are ideal for level 1/ level 2 students.


The Interview, The Rescue and The Lift: easy readers with an accompanying exercises book.

Astonishing Headlines

There are 10 books in each series with accompanying teacher's book.

Other Resources

Use Your Eyes

This book aims to help students improve their visual skills as an aid to better spelling. It is divided into two parts: part one focuses on observation and memory; part two focuses on spelling. Most of the puzzles are self  explanatory and simple. Kim’s game will improve memory and can be adapted using realia in class. The puzzles are short, entertaining and can be used as a warm up or as an activity change during the lesson.

Photo Cards: Everyday Objects, Verbs and Prepositions

This attractive, colourful set is very useful for ESOL students.

Livewire/Real Lives Series

Universally popular, with a title to suit everyone. check out the laminated sheet on the noticeboard for a full list of titles and the number of the corresponding teacher's book.

My Spelling and Reading Box

This attractive set is kept in Alison's room and is an excellent way to teach sounds, blends and common patterns.

Explode the Code

More and more tutors are discovering the delights of this series. Each chapter covers one spelling pattern in a variety of ways, using various quiz type exercises, visual images and multiple choice answers. Syllable division is well covered in this series.

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