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Tips and Tricks

I'll use this slot to post any useful tips and tricks I come across for both students and tutors this year. If you have one you want to share, don't hesitate to let us know!

Tip number 1: How to improve reading skills
Turn the subtitles on when watching your favourite TV programme.

Tip no 2: A very useful website for grammar called Perfect English Grammar. Thanks to Anne for this.

Tip no 3: The Times in Plain English. Click here for the link. It is an American based publication but is specifically written in plain language for literacy students and has some interesting stories each edition. It is free and you can sign up to get it sent directly to your email. They describe themselves as 'An International Reading Platform' and I recommend it.

Tip no 4: Keep a diary. Writing a short diary entry at the end of the day will improve writing skills bit by bit. Blank diary sheets are available from reception.

Tip no 5: Listen to a favourite song on YouTube with subtitles. Search for your student's favourite songs with the option of subtitles. This is a great way to improve reading fluency.

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